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sunWISE design

Web Design & Social Media Marketing

Specialized for Canadian nonprofits, environmental organizations
and businesses that do good

Our Mission

We capture the vision of your organization
and develop it into an influential online experience

We are led by an ideal where the work we do
can make the world a better place
so we are devoted to clients that make a difference

Carbon Neutral Hosting

Committed to data centres that use renewable energy
like wind and solar

Small Footprint

sunWISE design began off the grid
powered by micro-hydro

The office is heated with renewable energy
and uses natural lighting

Devices are powered down at the end of the day

Most communication happens via email, Skype
and phone with no daily commute
keeping carbon emissions to a minimum

Any travel is done with a fuel efficient vehicle

Big Impact

Web design is more than building websites

It begins with strategy

We take this 3-step approach.......




Begin by defining who you are and to whom you're speaking.
Everything you do on the web begins here...

The next step is to put yourself out there and build an audience...

Once you gain attention, it is crucial to embody your values authentically.
This is the most effective way to connect with your audience...